Batman Arkham Asylum Review

In 2009 the British Rocksteady Studios have won over the owners of PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC with a title half way between tradition and
innovation, with the famous title Batman: Arkham Asylum. Pertaining to tradition in the main character, the Batman appeared for the first time in video games in 1986 and since then it has also populated on gaming platforms, as well as in comic books, television and films. Innovation in the atmosphere and gameplay of the game, which has exposed the dark side of Batman, did just as in the films of Christhoper Nolan.

Manufactured by Eidos Interactive, the game is based on an original screenplay by the award-winning writers of the animated series and comics of Batman, Paul Dini, who has impressed all the way to the dark atmosphere of the registers of the Dark Knight targati DC Comics. In the role of
vigilante of Gotham City, the player must accompany the dangerous Joker to the infamous Arkham Asylum. But things are not always so simple, at the same time, in fact, the craziest criminals of Gotham City will take possession of the psychiatric hospital, and as always it is to Batman who settles the matter.

We all remember this amazing game, just as the Batman: Arkham City. Maybe two best Batman games ever made. Well for all Batman fans out there, there is some really good news. According to the article from this website, it seems that these two legendary games are going to be remastered for PS4 and Xbox one. Awesome right?

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