Best Davao City Hotels

Davao City Hotels are all around the metro. It is impossible for a tourist to run out of hotel accommodation for their trip in this city. There is a wide array of hotel accommodations in this city, from four-star hotels like the Marco Polo Davao, Apo View Hotel, Grand Regal Hotel, Royal Mandaya and Waterfront Hotel to small yet cozy inns and lodges. If those hotels mentioned above are way beyond your budget’s capacity, hotel Bourke might suit your needs without stretching your funds.

Bourke Hotel

This hotel’s proximity to restaurants, shopping malls and recreational area can make it convenient for visitors or tourists to get almost everything that they might need with a few minutes walk. The hotel is close to almost everything, especially Gaisano Mall, an excellent place to do your shopping. If you are on a long vacation in the city of Davao, you’ll find yourself going back to this mall which is only a block or two away from the hotel. It houses almost everything that you’ll look for in order to survive from boredom, it has a movie theatre, a billiard hall, an a variety of selections to shop.

The Bourke hotel can cater the needs of the budget, the room rate is very budget friendly and slightly negotiable for longer stay in the hotel. If you are a realist and would choose practicality over luxury, this is the hotel for you to stay. Just like all modern hotels Davao City, this hotel offer wifi service, and also swimming pool is already included in the hotel room accommodation payment. Its great location provides primary access to the industrial face of the city and recreational establishments. Downtown location, convenient to almost every establishment that you might need to go to.

Hotels have played a key role in increasing a city tourism, particularly with the Resort types of hotels which can offer luxury facilities with full service accommodations and amenities that tourists can enjoy. Plan a trip in Davao, booking some hotel room, and do visit some of Davao’s major tourist destinations. A trek in Mt. Apo is a favorite of the adventurous and the thrill seekers. For the beach bums, an island hopping trip to Samal would be perfect. On the other hand, Eden Nature Park is a nice way to go away from the city and hide in this lush highland. For day trips, head on to some of the city’s famous landmarks such as the San Pedro Cathedral, Crocodile Park, Malagos Garden Resort, People’s Park, Museo Dabawenyo and more.

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