How To Choose the Right Cat Scratching Post

One of the most fascinating creatures, cat is not only a marvelous buddy but it also provide us with joy. In return to their wonderful gesture, we can make them happy by getting a cat scratching post for them. A cat scratching post will satisfy the most common urge of scratching in cats. However, by providing them with a cat scratching post, it does not mean that their scratching needs are satiated.

This is because not all scratch posts are same. It does not make a difference to us as humans as to what kind of scratching post does a cat use but to them it is lot more important. It is very essential and necessary for a cat to have a good scratch post. Here are a few things which you need to know before buying a scratch post for your cat.

The first and the basic thing to look for is the height of the scratch post. The height of the post should be as tall as 30 inches. Your cat will still continue using your couch to scratch if he or she is not satisfied with the height of the scratch post. The height should be tall enough for the cat to stretch out while using the post. The smart cat ultimate scratching post has the ideal height for this.

Stability is the second most vital feature considered while selecting a scratch post for your cat. Have you seen cats scratching on your couch? What is the reason behind it? It is because the couch is stable and immobile. It does not vibrate or shake while the cat scratches. Hence, it is necessary to have a scratch post, such as the smart cat ultimate scratching post, which is stable and is not shaky to protect your lovely furniture from getting destroyed.

The actual scratching surface of a cat scratching post plays an important role too. Different posts have different textures like a carpet covered surface, bare wood posts or even plain untreated sisal (a plant that yielding stiff fiber) rope posts. This is because the choice differs from cat to cat. However, most of them prefer sisal rope post as compared to the other scratching surfaces since the texture is rougher than the other scratching surfaces. Also the sisal scratch posts leave a peculiar scent which your cat enjoys and would want to scratch at the post numerous times which serves your purpose of buying a cat scratching post.

Cats are not worried about the appearance or the look of their scratching posts. However, this is something that will concern you as a buyer since it will be placed in your house and has to look decent as well as presentable as seen on asus. Cats are least bothered whether the cat scratching post is of high quality or low or pricey or cheap.

Facing Your Feline’s Older Years

Older cats have a variety of nutritional needs that differ from those of younger cats. Since cats age at different rates, you should familiarize yourself with your cat’s behavioral and eating changes.

Some potential major changes as your cat ages include: a decreased sense of smell, decreased sensitivity to thirst, decreased thyroid function, decreased saliva production, and tooth and gum deterioration. These changes can lead to many problems that range from obesity to insufficient food intake and weight loss.

You may also find that your older pet becomes more finicky as it ages. Varied feeding throughout your cat’s life will prevent a senior cat from addiction to a single food type. Try mixing dry food with moist if your cat denies one of the types.

What should you feed an aging cat?

To provide your elderly feline with the best possible nutrition, search for a high quality ration with high digestibility. Pay attention to kibble size and appropriate fat and protein levels. Offer your cat small amounts of food 2-3 times daily.

Good nutrition is vital to keeping your cat’s immune system functioning properly. Generally, it’s advisable to avoid poor quality generic, “no brand” diets. Make sure your diet of choice contains quality ingredients and is fresh. Low price brands may reflect lower quality ingredients or less rigorous manufacturing standards. You can visit this website to learn what food not to use in your cat’s diet.

Look for products produced by companies that demonstrate research, controlled feeding trials, and good manufacturing procedures and quality control. Special medical diets may be prescribed by veterinarians to some older cats with diagnosed medical conditions.

What should you feed a fat cat?

While obesity more typically affects younger- middle age cats, it can also be a problem for older cats. Weight loss is more common for older felines. Loss of weight can be an indication of more serious health issues such as diabetes and thyroid or kidney disease. Consultation with your veterinarian is a good idea, especially if the loss is rapid.

Pet Insurance – Your Pet Needs It Too

Insurance is the most proper way to get ready for the unanticipated fortune. Nowadays, people are becoming more cautious about the health care of their pet animals. More hospitals are opened and more lawyers are getting specialized on them. To meet up the increased tension and extra expenses, pet insurances are at your gate.

Pets are becoming so intimate that they are considered as a part and parcel of the family unit. One may want to spend thousands of cash to recover the pet from malady. Dogs and cats are the most common and popular pets around the globe and therefore these two have got more importance in insurance criteria also. Hundförsäkring and Cat insurance are the most common and established types of insurances.

Cat Insurance

Now consider a situation. Your pet cat, somehow got poisoned, or had dehydration. You somehow took it to the hospital and managed that one, but immediately after recovering that, it got a lawsuit filed for doing some bad things to one of your neighbors. How should you handle that one?

Dog Insurance

Or, have you ever decided about a situation that your pet dog is sick of some unknown disease? At best you can take him to the nearby veterinary hospital. But what would you do, if you hear that estimated budget outruns your revenue on that month? Will you leave the pet to die in front of your wet eyes? If you have made insurance against the dog, you may still have a sound sleep at your bed. You’ve done everything possible for your pet’s health. There might be many other cases like this one, and some others may be more critical.

Anyone can get a variety of benefits from starting insurance for the pet. Protection against any uncertainty to the pet, coverage for pets total health care, prevent debts that may be incurred to provide quality healthcare for the pet, ensuring high quality veterinary care for the pet whenever it is essential etc are the most common goals that is covered by a pet insurance. There are various services covered by a pet insurance policy. It varies from geographic borders and from consumers to consumers. Anyone may choose the one that he can pay out regularly and the outcome will be justified to his cost.

Having a Hard Time Naming Your Dog?

History has shown us that people have been naming their dogs since they kept them. Archaeological excavations around the world have given us evidence that man’s best friend was given a name. We know the names of many ancient Egyptian dogs with leather collars, as well as reliefs, stelae and statues. They included names like Brave, Reliable, Good Shepherd, North Wind, Antelope and even “Useless.” Other names come from the dog’s appearance, such as Blue or Snow, while other dogs receive numbers for names such as “Seven.” Many of the names seem to represent love, while others only convey the skills or abilities of the dog.

Naming a dog today has become a challenge as more and more people become dog owners. We all want our pet to have that unique name that no one else has. However, there are certain common sense guidelines that should be followed when naming your beloved puppy. If you are short in time you can always use Tinki to find the perfect dog name fast.

1. Remember, you will be using and shouting this name thousands of times in your dog’s life, if not hundreds of times a day. Choose a name that comes out of the language easily. Most coaches and creators suggest a two-syllable name. Your puppy will find it easier to learn and will be easier said.

2. Choose a name that is far from the common command words (sit, go, descend, search, etc.). Names such as Brown, Sitah, Bogo, Fletch may confuse a puppy being trained to behave, as well as older dogs whose health and hearing are disappearing.

Having a Hard Time Naming Your Dog

3. Remember, your dog will be with you for a long time, so a name that looked lovely and adorable while he was a puppy may not be such a good name in his later years. You will have to guide young children if they can participate in the process, as they will always be so funny and embarrassing.

4. Using your dog’s unique looks, skills and abilities is a great way to find a name. Your Beagle could be Patches, your Rhodesian Ridgeback could be Big Red or Lion and your new Shar Pei could be called Wrinkles.

5. Let your dog decide his own name by limiting the options to some, then call your dog’s names. Anyone who arrives may be the chosen one. Rather, you can put the chosen names on a separate piece of paper and let your dog decide by setting the name he wants.

A lot of people who love science and technology like me want to reflect their passion for technology on behalf of their dog. There is a great choice for nerdy dog names and you can easily choose your favorite.

Regardless of how you choose the correct name for your new pet, let yourself be carried away by the fact that you are not alone in the difficult task of choosing a name. Just remember to choose the name with which you and your dog are most comfortable and you will not go wrong.