Ceramic Tiles Versus Porcelain Tiles

Did you know, that porcelain, which is considered to be a popular choice for tiles, actually originated in China? Chinese porcelain was first imported way back in the 17th century! 3 centuries later, porcelain still maintains its dominance. When you choose tiles for doing up your interiors, ceramic, and porcelain makes would be the most common variants to select from.

When you consider buying porcelain tiles from China, it would be equally pertinent to make an informed selection. For example, you should be aware of the distinct advantages and disadvantages associated with each type on offer, and then make an appropriate choice.

How do you differentiate between Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles? Before you buy porcelain tile, the China vendor you have approached, must share the following facts with you.

Porcelain is basically made from ground sand. The manufacturing process involves subjecting the material to high temperature and pressure. The end product is extremely dense with 0.5% water absorption rate. Naturally, when it comes to durability, porcelain easily matches up with glazed ceramic tiles. In fact, owing to its natural ingredients, it is considered to be a stronger material for tile making than ceramic.

Ceramic Tiles Versus Porcelain Tiles

Installing porcelain made tiles may not be as easy as working with ceramic makes. Owing to the fact that they are harder, specialized tools and cutters would be required to install them with due precision. You would therefore, have to engage experienced installers for the purpose.

If you are comparing prices, there aren’t any specific differences between the two. Both, porcelain and ceramic makes would cater to various price ranges, from the cheapest to the priciest. The choices would depend on your affordability parameters.

For high quality tiles, choose to buy from the best China tiles manufacturers. Tiles manufacturers and tiles exporters China are competing with each other to offer various designs of tiles to the large number of customers. Many homeowners have showed a distinct preference to the tiles such as ceramic or travertine because they are water resistant.

Therefore, they are ideal for installation in the bathroom and kitchen which experience lots of activities. Slate is an important component used along with the limestone to make the product stylish and strong. Color of the furniture should be in synchronization with the tiles used for flooring. It would help to make the room amazing and wonderful.

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