Choosing the right finish for your canvas prints

The three principal types of finishes used for photo canvas printing are roll finish, standard finish and gallery finish.

A “rolled” canvas is a photo print that is not stretched out over a frame. You only get your photo printed onto canvas and you have to stretch it to the frame yourself before hanging them up.It is the most basic finish option compared with the other two.

Standard finish is cheapest ready-to-hang option since the staples on the back of the frame are visible. The extra canvas remains intact. It could be good enough for smaller prints or if you are not really fussy about the back of the frame.

Gallery finish or gallery wrapping is the most expensive but also offers the best quality Canvas art prints finish. This is the most common method of framing a canvas print. With gallery finish, stretched canvas is wrapped over a wooden frame, the excess canvas at the back of the frame is removed and staples are hidden by brown tapes. How the sides look like determines that type of gallery wrap. Most popular gallery wraps are:

Standard wrap: your photo are wrapped around the edges of the canvas. Normally this is the default wrap style if you don’t specify a wrap style to your seller. No extra cost for standard wrap.

Pixel stretch wrap: the outermost pixel around the edge of your photo is stretched side ways to fill up the wrapped side edges. The benefit of this option is it maintains the entire photo on the front of the canvas by extending your images

Block color wrap: your photo’s dominant color is used to fill the wrapped side edges. You can pick specific color for the wrap otherwise seller will pick what they believe is the right color for you. Block color wrap is suitable for person portrait since it doesn’t look good if you extend the photo to the edge area.

Mirror wrap: the outmost few centimeters of your photo are mirrored on each edge of the frame. You are not losing any of your image from the canvas. Normally seller will charge extract cost for this kind of warp due to extra work involved.

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