Corrugated Plastic and the Electronics Industry

Anyone in the electronics or computer manufacturing industry can attest to the fact that making the actual product is actually the easy part when it comes to providing electronics to end users. Preparing the product for shipping and ensuring that it arrives at its destination without damage can be a much more complicated task.

In the past, electronics manufacturers had to rely on standard corrugated packaging materials to house their products during shipment. But corrugated paper is fundamentally inadequate in such applications because it is not only weak and readily susceptible to damage, but also offers no conductive or antistatic property, a factor that can be detrimental in the transportation of electronics.

Corrugated plastic, on the other hand, offers an advantageous alternative to the traditional paper packaging that once dominated the manufacturing and transportation industries. Corrugated plastic is formed when two plastic coatings are fused on both sides of a corrugated plastic sheet known as corrugation. Together, these three layers create a weather-resistant material and chemicals, the properties of which offer a superior alternative to traditional packaging methods.

Plastic Corrugated and the Electronics Industry

The unique corrugated plastic corrugated design provides excellent shock absorption and vibration damping and also offers insulation properties that protect products from extreme temperatures. Corrugated plastic can also be treated with conductive, antistatic, flame retardant and UV-resistant additives that offer even more protection.

Corrugated plastic becomes conductive when made from a polypropylene or polyethylene resin, the polymer encapsulates conductive carbon, thereby dissipating any charges resulting from static electricity, controlling additional static buildup and protecting against damage that could result from static electricity.

During shipment of electronic or computer products, the discharge of static electricity can cause serious damage to the product, resulting in countless wastes and hours spent on product returns and repairs. Thus, for an electronics manufacturer that regularly supplies static-sensitive materials, the use of corrugated plastic is a way to avoid what can prove to be a major shock to the system.

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