Could You Turn Your Amazon Hobby into a Business

Once the Amazon bug has bitten you, you may find you like it so much you want to turn your hobby into a business. There are some important questions you need to ask yourself before branching out into the small business arena.

Can you organize yourself to start things or do you need to be told to do something? When you are in business for yourself, the buck stops with you, but it also starts with you. You are the only one who can make the decisions and follow through on your specified course of action.

Do you get along with all the different personality types? Your business will suffer if you become irritable with persons whose personalities differ from yours. You will come across all sorts of people who may be cranky, unreliable, snooty or demanding. You’ll need to be able to keep your cool through all the associated problems these people may cause, or you’ll suffer from unbearable stress yourself.

Are you good at organizing? Your new small business will need lots of TLC in the form of organizing. There is finance, inventory, production and schedules to be organized – and that’s just a few. If you are a work from home mum you’ll need to organize time, school things and meals around the new schedule.

Are you strong physically and emotionally? Running a small business on your own can be wearing and stressful, but if you don’t put in those long hours needed, you could be less than successful.

Will you have the support of spouse and family? It’s very difficult to start a new business venture with no moral or actual support. With a supportive spouse to take some of the burden or just to talk things over with you’ll find life much easier.

Are you good at delegating? Some people feel that they need to do everything themselves or it won’t get done properly. Delegation, whether it is of the washing up or some part of the business is a necessary part of business life. Train, delegate and then leave them to get on with it – their way.

If you have a deep desire to start your own business, support from family, you are amenable to advice and training yourself, then the rewards of selling on Amazon FBA and branching out on your own can be immense. You get to be your won boss, the profits you make are for yourself rather than someone else, there will be many opportunities to learn new skills and many challenges to face and overcome. Only yourself, not others limit your earning and growth potential. Starting a new venture can be an exciting adventure for the right person.

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