While calcium has always been the defender of weak bones and teeth and the warrior of diseases and certain health conditions, it seems like this mineral can do no harm since it can also be added to the list of foods to acelerar metabolismo mujeres.

Now, the problem with getting enough calcium is the dairy. Most dairy is just way too fattening and that’s why I’ve mentioned before in this post, , that eating low-fat dairy is the way to go. However, another viable source of calcium can be individual tablets.

So what’s the calcium going to do?

Basically, calcium either in low-fat dairy or tablet form, are going to help you lose weight. The most effective sources of calcium are calcium carbonate and coral calcium which are absorbed into the bloodstream immediately after being consumed.

Coral calcium particularly can reduce acidity in your stomach and help to properly digest food. It’s kind of like drinking milk after you’ve had a spicy pepper-eating contest with your little brother.

Most of us are actually not getting enough calcium. Well, you could probably say that about a lot of things, but we’ll stick to calcium for right now.

For instance, a normal healthy individual should have 1000 mg of calcium a day. Your average teenager should have around 1200mg and postmenopausal women should have close to 1500mg per day.

Consuming that much, the recommended amount of calcium, in the low-fat dairy foods to speed up metabolism… just think of all the extra calories you could be burning each day!

An effective way to work more calcium into your diet is to… start a strong calcium diet. Ta da! Just try it and see what happens. You’ll definitely benefit in the long run and you could be burning so many calories overall.

A solid way to start it would be by eating six smaller meals per day. Yea, I’m sure you’ve heard that old chestnut, but but five to six smaller meals as opposed to three can really increase your metabolism by leaps and bounds.

Remember that calcium really is a powerful supplement when it’s present in low-fat dairy foods to speed up metabolism processing, or in tablets otherwise.

Think about what you want to achieve with your weight loss by setting goals and think about working in some strong sources of calcium in your journey.

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