Furniture casters and wheels

Furniture casters wheels may come in different materials and sizes, and you need not be confused when choosing them if you know your requirements. Here is a quick rundown of all the things you should consider when choosing and buying furniture casters. Casters wheels, in terms of wheels, can be grouped into three types: there are single wheel, dual wheel, and ball wheel. Each kind has it’s specific advantages and disadvantages. You should use single-wheel casters if your furniture is lightweight and it can be rolled easily by, a two to three-inch caster made of light but sturdy materials.

Single-wheel casters wheels are made of either rubber urethane, neoprene, or other similar substances. If the furniture you want to put a caster on is heavier, then a dual-wheel caster might be a better option. Dual-wheel casters have a larger capacity because they can spread out the weight of the furniture between their two casters wheels. If you need the furniture to be more mobile and easily pushed in all directions, on the other hand, then a ball caster might be best. The structure of the ball wheels allows free movement. Like the single and dual-wheel casters, they come in different sizes and capacity limits.

You should use different caster materials on different kinds of flooring because using the wrong kind can ruin both your floor and your furniture. Use only high quality casters and wheels such as Colson wheels because casters and wheels are serious components and if you don’t use the right one, but also a durable one you and other people as well are at risks of getting injured or slip away, the wheels or casters might brake, etc.

As a general rule, use casters wheels with plastic wheels only on carpeted surfaces. Hardwood, concrete, and tile floors require sturdier casters such as those made of urethane tread. Urethane tread is very popular for running smoothly on more delicate flooring. Unless you are buying casters wheels for warehouse or factory usage, stay away from iron caster wheels. While they are very high-capacity casters, they are more likely to set of floor deterioration very quickly.

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