How To Choose the Right Cat Scratching Post

One of the most fascinating creatures, cat is not only a marvelous buddy but it also provide us with joy. In return to their wonderful gesture, we can make them happy by getting a cat scratching post for them. A cat scratching post will satisfy the most common urge of scratching in cats. However, by providing them with a cat scratching post, it does not mean that their scratching needs are satiated.

This is because not all scratch posts are same. It does not make a difference to us as humans as to what kind of scratching post does a cat use but to them it is lot more important. It is very essential and necessary for a cat to have a good scratch post. Here are a few things which you need to know before buying a scratch post for your cat.

The first and the basic thing to look for is the height of the scratch post. The height of the post should be as tall as 30 inches. Your cat will still continue using your couch to scratch if he or she is not satisfied with the height of the scratch post. The height should be tall enough for the cat to stretch out while using the post. The smart cat ultimate scratching post has the ideal height for this.

Stability is the second most vital feature considered while selecting a scratch post for your cat. Have you seen cats scratching on your couch? What is the reason behind it? It is because the couch is stable and immobile. It does not vibrate or shake while the cat scratches. Hence, it is necessary to have a scratch post, such as the smart cat ultimate scratching post, which is stable and is not shaky to protect your lovely furniture from getting destroyed.

The actual scratching surface of a cat scratching post plays an important role too. Different posts have different textures like a carpet covered surface, bare wood posts or even plain untreated sisal (a plant that yielding stiff fiber) rope posts. This is because the choice differs from cat to cat. However, most of them prefer sisal rope post as compared to the other scratching surfaces since the texture is rougher than the other scratching surfaces. Also the sisal scratch posts leave a peculiar scent which your cat enjoys and would want to scratch at the post numerous times which serves your purpose of buying a cat scratching post.

Cats are not worried about the appearance or the look of their scratching posts. However, this is something that will concern you as a buyer since it will be placed in your house and has to look decent as well as presentable as seen on asus. Cats are least bothered whether the cat scratching post is of high quality or low or pricey or cheap.

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