How to Get More Visitors To Your Blog And Make Money Online

All internet marketers who want to make money online know one of the most important things in having a website is getting traffic to that site. All sites whose goal is to earn money on the World Wide Web needs to get traffic, without it there is no surviving.

Here are some suggestions of some traffic getting tactics that can help you make fast money online.

Blog commenting

Many people under estimate the power of blog commenting. You should use software to help you find do follow blogs then post relevant comments on those blogs to their specific topics.

Use different anchor text for your name and most of all links to your internal pages at least 50% of the time.

Forum posting

Forum posting is just as powerful as blog commenting and many people do not realize it. You can join forums that have to do with your market and post relevant comments on those sites.

What you should do for your signature is make an anchor text that links into your internal pages of your site or blog.

Each forum that you join make sure the anchor text is different for your signature and be sure to say something different in your offer.

Do not have the same signature and anchor text for all your forum signatures.

Post Ads on craigslist

Write an ad on craigslist in the category that matches your site. This will add more links for your sites. It is important you look into towns that will hold your add longer then others.

Social bookmarking

You can social bookmark each page of your site and use your keywords as anchor text. This the way to go about social bookmarking (SB).

SB 10 to 15 of your website pages on 10 to 15 different social bookmarking sites, then wait one week and social bookmark other sites besides yours.

The site can be related to your site, the reason for this you want your site to look like it’s been bookmark naturally to the search engines.

You can even add pictures to your profile, to make it look real. Then in the third week set up new social bookmarking accounts, don’t forget to change your ip (because SB sites will not allow you to open many accounts from one ip) and bookmark 10 to 15 more of your website pages.

Again, wait a week and randomly bookmark other sites or stories besides your own to make it look more natural.

Then keep doing this until you have about 50 accounts and keep going back and randomly using different accounts to bookmark your site and new post.

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