Kotatsu Table Will Keep You Warm

During the winter season, the last thing we want is to get out of bed to avoid the cold. In Japan, the alternative to stay warm is kotatsu table, a traditional kind of heating whose origins date back to the 14th century.

The kotatsu is composed of a low table made of wood with a source of heat below, whether stove or brazier. A thick blanket is placed over it and the table surface is supported to support it in daily activities. The blanket does not allow heat to escape and keeps people below the kotatsu heated.

Traditionally, the kotatsu design passed through a deep hole where a coal stove was located. Today coal was replaced by electricity and modern kotatsu was created with the heat source attached to the table.

Kotatsu is the center of social life within a Japanese house. However, the evolution and comfort it offers have made it a world famous product. On the internet it is possible to buy these tables and adapt them to a modern decor, and best place to start your search is KotatsuTable.org for sure, as they have reviewed all the tables so you can get a feel how it actually works..

Nowadays, designers have been struggling to improve the look of comfort, from sitting on the floor to using a series of armchairs that allow multiple positions to be taken whenever necessary. In this way, we can move from sitting to lying in an instant or use it to be more comfortable if we are reading a book or a magazine.

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