Manuka Honey for Acne

Manuka honey is proven to be a safe, natural and effective treatment for acne. Many acne sufferers are turning to natural cures, instead of harsh soaps and chemical peels, or medicines like accutane that have many harmful side effects. This is why Manuka honey is quickly becoming sought out as a natural treatment for acne.

How Manuka Honey Works to Fight Acne

When Manuka honey is eaten, it’s antibacterial properties promote overall skin health, but acne sufferers have found that applying Manuka honey directly to acne prone areas has reduced spots and help to fade red marks drastically. And more importantly, Manuka honey does this naturally with no harmful side effects.

This is because Hydrogen Peroxide effectivly kills bacteria, but is unstable when exposed to light and air. Manuka honey is able to slowly produce Hydrogen Peroxide, and this slow release effect kills bacteria and makes Manuka honey and excellent treatment for acne pimples and wounds.

The best type of Manuka Honey to use on Acne

For effective results against acne and scarring, it is best to use Approved medical grade honey made specifically for external use. This medical grade honey is sterilized and high potency, being 100% anti-bacterial.

The use of honey as skincare should come as no surprise because Tea Tree Oil is a popular ingredient in many acne products and Manuka Oil has been proven to be 33 times more effective as an anti bacterial agent.

So, if you are suffering from acne search for the best Manuka honey  and give it a try as a safe alternative acne treatment.

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