Microfiber Cloths: Superior for Cleaning

Cleaning has never been easier than it is with microfiber cloths. Designed to soak up liquids, remove dust and clean away dirt, microfiber cloths and towels work well for virtually all cleaning and drying tasks in the home, car and garage.

In situations where large amounts of liquid need to be soaked up, a microfiber towel or cloth will get the job done. The high tech fibers create a cloth that will soak up at least seven times its weight in liquid. Microfiber cloths work wonders for drying dishes, and for other kitchen clean up tasks.

Large microfiber towels are perfect for sweaty workouts. No matter how hard the workout, a microfiber cloth will rise to the occasion, absorbing perspiration as fast as needed.

Choose microfiber cloths for dusting tasks. Rather that push dirt or dust around, handy microfiber cloths will attract both like a magnet. When the cloths become too dirty to use, a quick run in the washing machine will remove the dirt and the cloths will be good as new, and ready for more cleaning tasks.

Mirrors and windows get a flawless cleaning with microfiber cloths. Bathroom mirrors, house and car windows, will provide a clear, streak-free view after being cleaned with microfiber cloths. Stainless steel appliances and household fixtures will shine like new after a going-over with microfiber cloths or towels.

Don’t forget the car detailing: from mirrors to chrome trim, microfiber cloths will give a car that showroom fresh appeal. Microfiber cloths are lint free and will not scratch, so they are perfect for these jobs and more.

Microfiber cloth will save money on cleaning supplies, since they require lesser amounts of cleaning solutions to do the same job as conventional cloths and towels. They are environmentally sound or green choices for cleaning because they may be used over and over since they are washable.

Microfiber cloths in Malaysia can be purchased for as little as a dollar each, which is a bargain since they eliminate the need to purchase paper towels that are used once and discarded. Microfiber cloths come in various colors and prints to match any decor or color preference.

Especially in families with young children, microfiber cleaning cloths are an excellent way to save money: they can be reused for many spills and messes throughout the day with a quick rinse in between, no paper towels neccessary.

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