Mississippi Auction – How to Properly Inspect Items Before Bidding

Attending a Mississippi auction can be a wonderful experience. But, serious bidders always prepare appropriately before auction day. To avoid getting caught up in the excitement of a live auction, inspecting items before you bid is the single more important thing you can do to avoid making a bad investment.

Too often beginners skip the inspection step and see the item for the first time when it’s held up on the auction block. It’s almost impossible to tell if the item is damaged or determine its true value. To make an informed decision, you absolutely must inspect the item prior to bidding at a Mississippi auction. Only then can you determine an appropriate value for the item’s condition.

For the purposes of this discussion, we’ll assume the Mississippi auctions involve merchandise brought to an auction house. Because so many types of auctions exist, we’ll cover general good practices for this type of auction. We won’t attempt to provide inspection advice for a livestock or home auction!

Preparing for Item Inspection

The first step in your inspection process is to find out the scheduled times and places. The auction house will often have this information available well in advance of auction day. Special times will be set aside for interested bidders to inspect each item up for auction. In larger Mississippi auctions, you’ll have an opportunity to inspect items one or two days prior to the auction, as well as before bidding begins on the auction day.

To make the most of your inspection, you’ll need to bring some tools along. A complete evaluation using your tools will help you decide if you want to bid on an item and the maximum amount you should be willing to pay.

Tools to Bring to Your Inspection

To thoroughly inspect items of interest, you need to have some things with you to help determine condition and value. Reputable Mississippi auction houses will go to great lengths to accurately describe items and organize the best liquidation auction in Mississippi. But, they won’t know, for example, if a table will fit in your home’s space. Or, what value a certain item will hold for you.

Therefore, you need to bring some tools with you to give you as much information as possible regarding items you’re interested in. With the auction house’s description and your findings, you should be able to make informed, good decisions about bidding.

Here’s what you need to consider bringing to a Mississippi auction inspection:

Measuring Tool. A tape measure, ruler or other appropriate measure device is important if you need to know if an item will fit in a particular space. Or, if size determines value, you need to measure the item to arrive at an appropriate figure. If dimensions are provided by in the Mississippi auction house description, you need to verify them. We’re all human and can make mistakes. Keep in mind you are buying all items as-is, so if something doesn’t fit, you can’t return it.

Flashlight. If you’re inspecting items in a dimly lit location, you need to add some light on the subject to make sure you see everything. You need to look inside, outside, underneath – everywhere – to note any damage. In the case of antiques especially, you also need to know if an item has been previously repaired. You may also want to search for special markers. Manufacturing names, models, dates and more are crucial information when analyzing an item. You may uncover some interesting and valuable information about an item at a Mississippi auction.

Magnifying Glass. If you’re looking for information as indicated above, it may be too small to read with the naked eye. Therefore, you need the help of a magnifying glass. You can also see small cracks or other damage not readily visible. In many cases, you can only determine the value of an object when you look at it close up.

References. If you specialize in certain types of items, like art, antiques or other collectibles, you may have many reference books on hand. Bringing these guides with you will help if you need answers about a certain item.
Also make sure to make note of all information about an interested item. If you’re not sure about the maker or artist, for example, you can conduct some research online when you return home. If you have access to an Internet connection at the auction house, you can always bring your laptop or tablet.

Digital Camera. Expanding on the topic above, you should bring a digital camera or a cell phone with an integrated camera. Then, you can write down the critical information about an object and take various photos of it as well. If you know experts in a particular item, you can always provide a photo to get some input.

Mississippi auctions are a great place to find unique items at potentially great discounts. You just need to make sure you inspect interested items thoroughly so you don’t pay more than an item is worth. Bringing along the proper tools for these inspections is critical to smart bidding.

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