Modify your Android gaming experience

It doesn’t matter what your taste in games is, you will be able to use Game Killer apk to modify your gaming experience whenever you like. You can directly modify your score, or give yourself the upgrades you need to earn it. How you choose to approach this is up to you and what you choose to edit. You could even award yourself unlimited coins! Game killer For Android works by giving users the ability to mod into game files and edit different game stats, remove ads and even make in-app purchases completely free of charge! But you’re wondering how does it work?

What Game Killer does is bypass the credit checking system of Google Play app by emulating a fake credit card to pay for premium features. The fake credit card does not need to be loaded with any money and will fool the Play Store APP into thinking that actual money was paid for the item purchased. So you don’t have to pay to really enjoy a good game, especially if you are an enthusiast and enjoys many hours on your device.

Features of Game Killer 

  • Fully control most Android games and apps.
  • Purchase Premium offers.
  • Purchase Coins, Gems.
  • Allows you to apply different patches on games and modify them.
  • Search your game value library while game is paused.
  • Skip missions.
  • Edit Score value up to unlimited.
  • Upload your game code.

Works smoothly during gameplay in offline mode.

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