Myths About Divorce Mediation

Mediation isn’t necessarily new to family law, but there are some misconceptions about it that can be cleared up by taking a look at the facts and the typical experiences of couples that use mediation for marriage dissolution. When compared with litigation, couples tend to leave mediation happier overall with their agreement and with the process, making it an increasingly popular way to end a marriage.

Mediation is More Difficult Than Hiring a Lawyer

You’ll have to gather and review materials and make decisions regardless of which direction you go, but mediation is a more streamlined process. The courts are extremely strict about how you provide collected information, so it can produce more anxiety and a bigger hassle than preparing for your own mediation proceedings.

Women Are Treated Unfairly in Mediation

Women are not treated any differently in mediation than men. In fact, in many cases, women are treated more fairly in mediation because it levels the playing field for women who may not be able to hire an expensive attorney. Since women can frequently negotiate an agreement that takes numerous factors into account, mediation tends to be a better fit for both parties. Unless the case is in court-ordered mandatory mediation, the woman also retains the power to stop the mediation or refuse an agreement that is not fair.

Mediation Drags Out the Divorce

This is often the opposite of the truth. In mediation, it might only take a few meetings to have an agreement put together. Hiring lawyers and going through official court proceedings almost always takes longer than you expect, and it’s nearly always longer than going through mediation. Even if lawyers are able to settle outside of court, litigation tends to drag out ending your marriage more than mediation does. Since litigation tends to take longer, it’s often more expensive, too.

The Mediator Decides The Agreement and What’s Fair

A mediator is not like a judge. He or she does not make decisions for you. Instead, this person is there to guide conversation between the two parties to help them arrive at an agreement that both deem mutually acceptable. As mentioned above, each party has the option to walk away and go into litigation if they desire, unless the mediation is mandatorily ordered by the court. The mediator is there to help, rather than issue a ruling to tell one party or the other what is “right” or “fair”.

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