Online Surveys for Money

The truth is, online surveys for money vary quite a bit. Long gone are the days of mindlessly checking off boxes and pressing the “next page” button on the screen. Like many aspects of business today, nearly all elements of market research — from consumer opinion to product testing — has moved online. This has created a boon of online surveys of money that are available to people. Also, this move to online surveys has also increased the variety of surveys that are available. To give you an idea of how you’ll be spending your time with online surveys for money, here are the chief types of paid surveys out there.

Opinion Polls: These are the most basic type of online surveys for money you can find. With opinion polls, a business simply asks you what you think of just about anything under the sun — from the current state of politics to different cruise lines. As someone who has taken an estimated 5,000 surveys, I can tell you that the questions you get sometimes will be perplexing, but always provide some sort of insight a business wouldn’t otherwise have. For example, you may wonder why you’re asked about how often you get a cold, but keep in mind that this online survey for money may have been created by a tissue company looking to estimate demand for the upcoming year.

Product Testing: This is an online surveys for money standby that is a favorite of many survey takers. As the name implies, with this system you test a product (either on the internet or in your home) and give back your opinion. For those living outside the United States, keep in mind that you may not qualify for certain product testing surveys as they need to physically ship products to your home. One thing to keep in mind about product testing is, that due to its inherent appeal, these are ripe for online surveys for money scams. Like anything else, doing a little background research and using common sense will help you avoid these all too common scams.

Packaging Surveys: An increasingly popular type of paid survey is choosing which packaging works best for specific products. This works well on the internet as people make near-instant decisions about a product based solely on packages.When taking a packaging survey, you’ll be presented with 4 or 5 slightly different packages. From these, you choose the one you find most eye-catching, trustworthy or durable (the specific criteria are specific to the survey). Based on an informal poll I’ve found that packaging surveys are one of the most fun surveys you can take.

Positioning Surveys: “I’m lovin’ it”. “Just Do It”. “Think Different.” What do these have in common? They’re incredibly famous company slogans that were devised in part from consumer research. Although many people think that slogans cooked up in a board room, the truth is that companies often create a dozen possible slogans and then test them out on the public to see which one get the desired response.

Mobile Online Surveys for Money: This is an increasingly popular survey option for people that find themselves on the go. Certain surveys can be taken using a smart phone, and you’re given this option when you sign up for certain survey websites. However, these online surveys for money tend to pay poorly. However, as they increase in legitimacy payment may go up (which is what happened to online surveys for money as a whole a few years back).

Customer Satisfaction: Are you a regular shopper or user of a certain product or service? If so, then the company that makes your product probably wants to hear from you. In fact, they’re probably willing to pay top dollar for the privilege. Why? Because it costs a lot for a business to acquire you as a customer and they don’t want to lose you. That’s why many companies (including certain websites), put much of their online surveys for money budget towards keeping you on board as a paying customer.

If you thought that online surveys for money consisted of boring box-checking, you now understand the full breadth of surveys available to you today. While this was a basic review of the types of paid surveys, you can find a much detailed guide in the article from Good Men Project too.

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