Reasons WordPress Is Best for SEO

23.8% of all of the websites in the world and 54.8% of the top one million sites are powered by WordPress. So why has WordPress become so popular? Here are 5 reasons WordPress is best for SEO.

User Friendly

One of the key reasons for WordPress growing user base is how user friendly it is. As an end user you will love using WordPress for your Search Engine Optimization due to the fact that everything SEO related can be edited from the back end of the website. This is great as you don’t have to keep up to date with all the latest SEO trends and best practices as it helps to guide and point you in the right direction, which means you can spend more time worrying about running your business and less about your SEO.

Separation Of Design & Content

Another reason why both professionals and novices love WordPress is it’s separation of design and content. This separation allows for tweaks to be made to the critical search engine components without affecting the overall design or look of your website and pages so it doesn’t affect how your overall site is presented to potential customers.

Faster Load Times

Similarly, another contributing factor to why WordPress is ahead of the competition in relation to SEO is how it handles database queries. As it stands, WordPress increases the speed at which the pages on your website load. However, there are also countless plugins and best practices adapted by designers which increase the speed through efficient database queries even further.

Open-Source Customisation

One more large plus to using WordPress is that it is open-source. This simply means that any developer in the world can make content like plugins or code and give it to the community. So there are literally an infinite amount of different designs that can be implemented with Google’s suggested best SEO practices. So you don’t have to read all the latest articles about SEO to keep up to date, the community does that for you.

Optimized / Responsive Designs

Optimization for mobile devices is standard for WordPress website due to its responsive designs. It ensures that no matter what device the user is using to view your website they will automatically be shown the most appropriate version of your site. This is an integral part of SEO these days as Google announced many times that if your website doesn’t have a responsive design it is going to appear lower in search engine rankings.

So in conclusion WordPress is; user friendly for everyone involved, it allows you to edit search engine components without editing how the site itself operates, it lowers the load time and increases the speed at which people can load your pages, there is a huge community that constantly create new plugins and different design templates with the current best practices for SEO and websites developed with WordPress are fully optimized for all devices from the outset.

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