Seat Belt Tickets

There was a time in Ontario, that driving laws did not make it mandatory for drivers or passengers to wear a seat belts while driving. In the province of Ontario seat belts worn in a proper and adjusted manner are mandatory while driving. If you receive a seat belt ticket you do have some options. You may pay the fine but will automatically lose 2 demerit points or you hire a company with traffic ticket experience to try to eliminate the charge or eliminate the points. These are not the easiest tickets to deal with and there is always a risk that nothing can be done despite our best efforts, however, there is also always a chance that the charge or demerits can be eliminated. Obviously if you were wearing your seat belt then you should attend court and proceed to trial. Most people however hire a traffic ticket lawyer to try to eliminate or to defend the charge knowing that if we exhaust all options at the end of the process we can always pull the plug and enter a plea, but not before every opportunity to eliminate or reduce the charge has been considered.

By hiring a reputable company, you are giving yourself a chance to really fight a Traffic Ticket. It is important to use a local Toronto traffic ticket company who knows the courts and the system, such as Lighthouse Legal. Call to inquire as to how they might be able to help you. While you are entitled to defend yourself, they probably know the system better and would encourage you to pick a path at the beginning. If you try to see how far you get on your own, they may be unable to undo the damage done through initial efforts to negotiate the ticket. Generally the Prosecutor will only entertain one negotiation session and without sugar coating it, if you blow it, they probably will not be able to fix it. It is important that you do not make matters worse. If you need someone to assist you get out of the seat belt ticket, please contact Lighthouse Legal Toronto traffic ticket expert that is willing to help you with your needs. In most cases, the benefits of going with a traffic ticket company far outweighs the risk of just pleading guilty or trying to resolve the case yourself. Whether you are a repeat offender or this is your first ticket; in both cases, a professional traffic ticket company will be your best choice.

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