Shore Fishing Lures

There are times that fishing from shore is the best or only option that is presented to us. The question then becomes what is the best fishing lure for fishing from shore? The thing to consider when fishing from shore is that you are going to be fishing relatively shallow water. That is unless you are fishing next to a severe drop off. For that a shallow diving and/or suspending crankbait like a Japanese fishing lure such as the Megabass Vision 110 can be very good option. A floating lure can be very good in these situations as well. You can crank and release allowing the bait to move to the top of the water. Same with a suspending lure, crank and release. This can work well over rocky and areas with sparse or no weeds. Perhaps there are several logs or generally a woody area, this can be great for crankbaits.

Another option is to fish with a soft plastic lure. A texas rigged worm or a jig and soft plastic lure can be just the ticket. Again, a severely weedy area probably isn’t the best option for a texas rigged worm such as the Berkley 10″ powerworm, but a sparsely weeded area can be prime spot for this technique.

A classic approach for shore fishing is a the time tested slip bobber rig. It allows for far casting ability and varying depths of presentation. The main reason for its popularity is the fact that it flat out works. I believe that this rig probably has accounted for more fish caught in the history of fishing than any other method.

If you are fishing a heavily weeded area the best option for a shore fishing lure in this situation is likely a topwater fishing lure. This will keep the lure on top of the weeds and away from the snagging tentacles of the weeds below that hold the fish.

As stated above there are many options for shore fishing lures. From topwater to deep diving crankbaits to soft plastic baits, picking the best one is often a game of trial and error. Fishing from shore can be extremely rewarding if the effort is put in. Find a great spot that you have access to and begin throwing those shore fishing lures!



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