Simplify Your Inventory With UPC Codes

No shopping today is complete without a barcode billing. These UPC codes that are attached to almost all products go unnoticed by the shopper who does not even realize how much faster the entire check out process is because of these barcodes. The UPC code is the Universal Product Code and is the most widely accepted and successful version of the barcode. This system was a revolution in the tracking and billing of products and items and was developed to this level of usefulness by IBM. The first bar-coded product sold was a pack of Wrigley’s in 1974 and the retail industry never looked back. UPC codes are accepted as the best method of inventory and product management and identification.

Simply explained the UPC code is a system that helps stores, shops and even manufacturing units to be able to identify and manage their stocks at any given time. Each UPC code is unique and carries the manufacturer details and the details of the product. The UPC codes are purchased and attached by the manufacturer and the retail store enters the details of the stock that they have purchased in their software. This software links the inventory stock to the billing software and helps to balance the stock that is available with what is already sold. Large stores like departmental stores and supermarkets are unable to enter information as stock arrives or individual details when stock is sold due to the volume of the products that they have.

The UPC code is made up of 2 parts, the manufacturer code and the product code. Manufacturers have to pay an annual fee to the Uniform Code Council for permission to use a code. The first few digits of the UPC code contain manufacturer information, the next few information on the products and the last digit always tallies the previous information. Except for groceries where weights vary for products in retail the first digit is always zero. There are many online sites from where one can easily get UPC code ordered. They complete all the necessary formalities and have UPC barcodes as well as EAN codes with them ready to be transferred to clients. An EAN code is similar to a UPC barcode but is used for shipments that are exported. is a reputable online barcode provider. With an order processing system that takes just a couple of minutes it is very easy to get your supply of UPC or EAN barcodes from them. Whether you have an e-commerce business or a direct supplier and retailer the codes from can be used to simplify your business.

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