Thinking About Buying A Condo in Toronto?

Living in Toronto means living in Canada’s vibrant and largest city and the provincial capital of Ontario. Toronto has always been a place for the rich to enjoy their spoils by buying up luxury condo’s that even a King would envy. In the heart of Toronto’s entertainment district, King West condos offer young people proximity to some of Toronto trendiest restaurants, hippest nightclubs, and liveliest coffee shops.

With many parks, theaters, health clubs, boutique shops, and bars all within walking distance, King West condos allows condo purchasers the luxury of living where they work and play at the same time. King West condos will continue to be developed over the next decade and with Master-Planned communities such as Liberty Village, will continue to set the precedent for Toronto condominium development in the future. And now with the new condominium project – King Condos by Westbank and Allied and Bjarke Ingels Group Architect, King West be even more attractive and luxurious.

There’s three main benefits of buying a new condo:

  • Price
  • Amenities
  • Quality

Condo values do rise over the years. A little slower than your traditional residential housing units though. But they do go up. Especially in neighborhoods that everyone wants to be a part of.

If the location that you are checking out is in a trendy and in demand area normal housing pricing usually gets tossed out the window. That is usually when you see bidding wars and line ups that go around the block when the first units go on sale. But for the most part, condominium pricing is pretty even and straight across the board in most cities.

A lot of times the price of a new condo is cheaper than buying resale. So if you can muster up some patience to deal with those long build times, you may be able to get yourself into a brand new shiny condo development at a lower price point. As we mentioned before, since there is a new condominium project in plan in King West, you can buy a king condo WestBank for a great price in pre-construction stage.

There was a time when condos were being built without many amenities. But times have changed. More and more condo developments these days are offering impressive amenities. Everything from rec rooms, media centers, pools, hot tubs, and even fitness centers are part of the package.

People are looking for a certain lifestyle. One where all of their needs can be taken care of in one location. Many condo builders are picking up on this trend. And sensing a need, or should I say want, they are now developing properties that are appealing to this new emerging lifestyle trend.

They don’t build them like they used to. Which is a good thing. And there’s been so many advances in building materials over the years it is hard to keep up sometimes. And one of the biggest emerging trends to hit the condo market is the green movement. Green is the new black. Things like low VOC paints, water saving dual flush toilets, and indoor air quality monitoring are becoming standard items on most new condo brochures.

Price, amenities and quality are three key factors to take into account when you’re shopping for a condominium to purchase. And a lot of new condos being built hit the nail on the head in all three categories.

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