What You Need to Setup Your First Forex System

Setting up a successful Forex system:

You will need a good and reliable Forex Broker such as Juno market – the Asia’s Forex Leader. They almost always have demo accounts where you can “play” for free.

You will need MetaTrader 4

The best thing to do is choose a broker such as Juno Market and download the MetaTrader 4 from their site, it’s free. This makes setup much easier because MetaTrader 4 will be setup to do auto-trading with their services.

You will need an Expert Advisor (EA) or Forex Robot and you will need to install it into MetaTrader 4. This will cost money. There are free ones out there but there is a reason they are free.

Juno Market has all this features on their platform and you can learn more about this forex broker online reading the Juno market review from real users.

You will need to setup the charts and initial parameters for the robot. Then start trading on your demo account.

Forex System Performance

Setup a demo account with your broker, if you are looking for Asian broker, then Juno market should be your first choice. Never, ever begin trading on a new Forex system with a “live account”. With a demo account, the money is “play” money and your wins and losses are just for testing. No real money is involved. This will reduce your risk completely. I can’t stress this point enough!

Sounds complicated but it really isn’t. If you feel it’s too much, too fast you can get an expert to install your Forex system including MetaTrader 4, your Forex robot, and setup optimized parameters for the robot.

Optional: VPS Hosting for Your Forex System

Eventually, when you start making money with your Forex system, I recommend getting a Forex VPS Hosting account. By running your Forex trading platform at one of these hosting services you eliminate the problems of always having your computer on and your Internet connection up. I don’t know about you, but if I want to run 4 or 5 different Forex robots (yes, you can do this) on my home computer and count on the power always being on and the Internet connection running 24/7, then I have a problem. Things happen where I live. Placing my Forex system on a VPS hosting account designed specifically for Forex trading, I’ve eliminated many of the risks.

You see, when your Forex system trading platform isn’t running, then you might miss great trading opportunities. Worse yet, you have a trade going on and your Forex system isn’t running and you don’t get to exit at the proper time, losing money! Not good at all! A Forex VPS hosting service isn’t that expensive so when you are making money it is no big deal!

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