World of Tanks – Features and Gameplay

In World of tanks, tanks are divided into five classes: light , medium , heavy tanks , as well as anti-tank and howitzer SAU(artillery). Each of them has tactical advantages and disadvantages. Tactics in the game is very important, it can bring you victory when meeting with stronger opponents. Victory is achieved by seizing the enemy base or destroying all enemy combat vehicles or achieving another goal, depending on the type of game chosen.

The game is updated quite often, various promotions and nice bonuses are also present in the game from time to time. Here, for example, in the latter two new types of battle were added: Sturm and Head-to-Head. In the game, all tanks are as balanced as possible: The Soviet have good armor, good damage, average speed and average rate of fire; Germany – has the largest armor, average damage, speed below average, the rate of fire is also not high; USA – low armor, high rate of fire, the greatest damage, speed is above average; France – the lowest armor, high damage, high rate of fire.

All the legendary tanks were included in the game, such as the famous Scorpion, Panther, Ram, Matilda, Churchill, T26e4 Superpershing  and you can visit to learn more about the this and all the best premium tanks for wot.

The game has a colossal online, and 4 RU servers for the game, each of which plays approximately 300 thousand people. It is also possible to purchase premium tanks of various levels, they are bought for gold (real money). On such a tank it is convenient to earn money and experience, so as to quickly acquire a more powerful tank. In World of tanks, experience and money are earned for killing opponents, for obtaining titles in battles and for seizing the base, as well as for your personal achievements in battle. More details about the premium account can be found here . In the “World of Tanks” top players are compiled by time and statistics, if you are a master of the game, then on the site you will be in the top players.

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